A short story about emotions

The Norwegian Institute of Emotion-focused Therapy (NIEFT) is engaged in training of psychologists and experienced therapists. We also organize social and academic happenings for professionals who are interested in EFT, and we want to create a pleasant and highly professional network for people who work with emotion-focused therapy in the Nordic countries.


Our creative CEO Anne Hilde Hagen have created this cute and informative animtaion movie (In English) about feelings.

Share it as you wish, an use it for education, seminars and therapy.

The Norwegian Institute for Emotion-focused Therapy (NIEFT) is a part of The International Society for Emotion-focused Therapy (ISEFT), headed by Dr. Greenberg and colleagues. NIEFT was founded in 2012 in order to train therapists in EFT (Emotion-focused Therapy), to spread knowledge about EFT and to continue to develop the method. NIEFT will contribute to develop a Nordic community of therapists interested in understanding how knowledge of emotions plays a part in alleviating suffering and facilitating growth.

ISEFT consists of a group of training centers which conduct approved trainings in Emotion-focused Therapy. These centers offer educational courses and training for mental health professionals (externships, workshops, training, supervision etc.), around the world as well as engaging in clinical research and theory development. NIEFT is one of these training centers and offers training, supervision and psychotherapy within the EFT-framework.

For more information about EFT and ISEFT:

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Dr Leslie Greenberg

Dr Leslie Greenberg is a merited and distinguished professor of psychology and a world-leading authority on the field of emotion-focused therapy. He has developed Emotion-focused therapy (EFT) and has inspired and collaborated with several well-known names such as his former students Jeremy Safran and Susan Johnson, and has written numerous articles and books on emotions in therapy. Among many prestigious awards, Dr. Greenberg was recently awarded the American Psychological Association's 2012 Award for Distinguished Professional Contribution to Applied Research.